Driving STX Fixed Income’s strong market position are our people. We thrive in challenging markets and in a fast-paced work environment, and we love to celebrate success together. To see more, read through our People’s stories.

Koen Parlevliet, Head of Money Market Desk

“When I started at STX three years ago, I was very new to the financial sector. Coming from a marketing background, everything was fresh to me. It was a steep learning curve and definitely not always easy, but also it was one of the most fulfilling challenges I have ever overcome. To start, I was the only person on the Money Market Desk. Today, we’ve grown to a team of four people! You definitely need stamina, but at the same time, it feels good to know that management gives you the freedom and confidence to get things going.”

“My morning typically starts in Korea and ends in New York. I love that the money market is so diverse. The travelling aspect is definitely one of the great perks that come with my job. That, and the rapid pace in which things happen, as well as the opportunity to deal with so many different, interesting people and clients.”

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Jan-Hein de Beurs, Head of Origination

“Becoming a father was certainly a life-changing event for me. My daughter is nearly 1,5 years old now. Fortunately, my work schedule allows for a good work-life balance, and I am grateful that STX understands that family sometimes takes priority.”


“There is this idea that people in finance work long days, nights and weekends. We work hard, and sometimes a deal requires a late call, but that is really the exception. When I close the office door at the end of the day, my day is done. Evenings and weekends are time off.”

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Jakub Bogdan, Senior Broker

“I absolutely love the international feel of this company: the majority of the team comes from all over the world. Having lived in the Netherlands for two years prior to starting at STX gave me a bit of a head start, but joining an international group of people who were so welcoming, helped nevertheless. Furthermore, the company also assists you with finding housing and arranges everything you need to relocate to this country. I love how STX has created an environment in which newcomers and expats are looked after and feel included. Even in these uncertain COVID-19 times, there are still numerous ways to engage with one another, albeit virtually.”


“What makes me successful at my job? I know it sounds cheesy, but it’s really a team effort. Of course, we are all solely responsible for our own P&L, but we also rely on one another to close deals successfully. My ambitious mindset definitely helps, but in reality, I wouldn’t be anywhere without my colleagues.”

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